My Journey into A Peaceful Practice


This blog will be a series of informative and personal insights of my exploration in finding peaceful practices in order to improve the health of my patients. It led me to a field of medicine termed alternative or integrative. It uses standard medical practice in the treatment of patients, as well as supplements and techniques to not only treat disease but also improve one’s well-being. My goal is to improve the lives of my patients and all who read it.

This blog will cover, among other topics:

  1. My own journey in discovering integrative medicine and using it in my practice and in my own life.
  2. Issues patients of mine are experiencing and how alternative techniques could benefit.
  3. Nutrition as a cornerstone for improving and maintaining your health.
  4. Techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT  and Be Set Free Fast as methods to reduce stress, reprogram your subconscious and reverse limiting beliefs.
  5. Meditation as a technique to improve your self-awareness and how to use this awareness to enhance your health.
  6. Education of how stress acts on the body through biochemical processes.
  7. How you can be proactive and use your intuition to find the right practices for you.

As a board-certified physician in internal and bariatric medicine who treats adults with various medical conditions, including obesity, I find that the topics above are not understood or followed by most people.

Nutrition, as listed above, is a key component in losing weight and necessary to improve blood pressure and normalize glucose levels. Because doctors are not taught about nutrition, most people are not aware that these practices exist and can be beneficial

I truly believe that alternative treatment methods can be an asset to your emotional and physical health because I have experienced so many positive changes in my own life. I hope to educate and “get the word out” to you, the readers, to enrich your lives.


4 thoughts on “My Journey into A Peaceful Practice

  1. I wish you all the best with your blog. Your articles are great ~ informative, easy to understand and helpful for the masses. I hope your blog grows as it could change people’s lives for the better! Keep up the excellent work!


  2. I find EFT immensely helpful! I especially like Brad Yates on YouTube. He’s compassionate, witty, and seems to have a video for every imaginable thing you might want to tap on. Nutrition, I agree, is also key. My life was changed by eating a high alkaline, mostly raw food vegan diet.

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