Starting a Peaceful Practice


Most people want some peace in their lives. However, we must train ourselves to use practices that allow us to be in a peaceful state of mind and body. What does that mean? I believe it first must include happiness and fulfillment in one’s personal and working life. We all hear about “mindset” and “mindfulness,” but how does one start developing the mindset needed to think and feel happy and fulfilled?

love chemicalAs I wrote in my last post, emotions have a biochemical basis and the proper blend of neurotransmitters is necessary to have a sense of well-being. The production of these neurotransmitters need certain co-factors (chemical reactions). Some are found in our diets, but some people do not take in enough. I will go into co-factors in another post.

How can you get started on a path of getting your mind, and by this I mean your “executive branch” of the body, in line with what your spirit wants? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Try one new routine in your day that you find enjoyable. It could be learning something you always wanted to know about. It only needs to take 5-10 minutes. This will train your brain and give you discipline to act on what you want.
  2. Set aside some time for yourself for peaceful introspection. I have tried meditation myself, and found that it is a good way for me to keep the peaceful mindset.
  3. Seek connections with others who want the same type of peaceful mindset you want. A mindfulness or lifestyle coach is a worthwhile investment if you are able.
  4. Realize that the journey is never a straight line. There are events in life that come up that will get you off the road. Just get back on.

We also have inherited responses to things encoded in our genes, a field called epigenetics, where the experiences of the generations before us have a role in our emotions. Another blog will go into this as well.
What you think about the above suggestions? They are general strategies. I encourage you to share specific techniques of peaceful introspection.


3 thoughts on “Starting a Peaceful Practice

  1. Sometimes I feel that people just don’t know where to start to find any type of peace in their lives. Because of chaotic circumstances, they just don’t know where to turn and feeling alone, they don’t keep the stamina to do any of the suggestions that people make for them. I believe that when we connect with someone who is hurting, hold their hand, encourage and reach out to help, we can make a huge difference for them and for ourselves. Fear blocks, but kindness allows healing to emerge.


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