Quieting Your Mind to Better Health

I’ve been fascinated by way meditation has improved my sense of balance and overall well-being. I practice most mornings for about 5 to 10 minutes, before I start my office hours.

meditation-chairThere are many different techniques, but the basic idea is to get your mind calm and focused. You want to get the “outside noise” of your daily life to shut off for a couple of minutes. I sit in a chair and close my eyes and simply let my mind wander.

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Intuition: Key To A Peaceful Practice

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“The only real valuable thing is intuition” Albert Einstein

Intuition, defined as an “inner sense” of what direction a person should take, is an integral part of achieving that peace and balance that all of us want. It is absolutely amazing how your body will “tell” you what it needs if you listen.

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The Mind-Gut Connection

Veggie bowlI used to think that developing a peaceful state of mind was simply getting the mind itself in a state of peace. My research in integrative medicine leads me to believe that there is a real physiological connection between what our gastrointestinal tract is exposed to and our emotional state.

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