Cracking Your Code: Finding the Key to How Your Mind Operates

In a recent blog post, I used a metaphor of unlocking your specific code (the intertwining of your mind, body and spirit) that makes you, you. These three components compose our essence. Each of us has a distinct way our mind operates that translates into actions, based on our thoughts and beliefs. Perhaps experiences we had growing up sculpted our belief system about our relationship to the world and others.

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Acupuncture: Why Pirates Wore Earrings and Other Fun Facts

chi mapAcupuncture originated in China around 100 BC, spreading to Japan and Korea and then to Europe. The practitioner inserts very fine needles into the skin at certain points called meridians. A good metaphor I found on describes meridians as a 3-D version of a road map where energy and blood flow moves corresponding to different organs. The Chinese word for this is Qi.

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Cracking Your Code

Integrative medicine is personalized medicine. When physicians use the functional approach to make a diagnosis, they trace the patient’s own timeline to find clues as to why an individual may have a certain condition. All too often, physicians advise treatments only because large studies concluded that a certain medication works.

weavingI believe that, while important, each individual has a specific physical, mental and emotional “tapestry” that needs to be understood. Not only by the physician, but by the person himself, in order to understand how all the threads weave into one other, contributing to a specific condition.

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