Living In Alpha


A patient recently gave me a book, something that hasn’t happened before in all of my years in practice. To my suggestion that she try meditation, she responded, “Oh, I’ve been practicing it for years. I used the Silva method.”

She told me she was going to get me the book, and to my surprise, came back to my office within a few hours and handed me “The Silva Mind Control Method,” by Jose Silva. A fascinating man, Silva started poor, became a radio repairman, and discovered meditation. But he took it to a whole new level.

Image result for alpha brain wavesI will admit, I didn’t read it instantly. One day, I felt the need to start reading. It first instructs how to meditate in a very straightforward manner: count backwards after first awakening in the morning. In that state, between wakefulness and sleep, the brain emits more alpha waves. Alpha waves vibrate at 7.5 to 14 Hz. When the brain (or “mind”) is at this frequency, it is ripe for creative thinking, as well as developing one’s peak performance. Many famous actors and athletes, including Bucky Dent, who was an MVP of the World Series with the Yankees, attributed his improved performance on the field to meditating using Silva’s method.

The beta wave is associated with our daily living state; often with anxiety and stress. My patients, and I believe many people in general, live in this state constantly. My aim is to give patients tools to help them live more in alpha.

Silva’s book, after explaining how to get to “your level,” as Silva puts it, then gives instruction regarding “dynamic meditation,” in which you use your mind to create a mental picture of an object. You can then create scenes to change things in your life that you want. For example, if you create the kind of situation you want in your mind, reality does change. Silva directs that you must not merely create the picture, but have desire, belief and expectation that it will happen. I think this is important for anyone that wants to improve his or her life; there must be an inner belief in one’s self. I will go into the alpha state concept further in detail in another blog post given its importance.

There are other techniques to “live in alpha” that I’ve discovered. One is “Holosync” where you listen to musical pieces that get your brain waves in an alpha, and into deeper states that are also beneficial.

What “state” (not geographically) do you live in?


7 thoughts on “Living In Alpha

  1. As soon as I am in front of a computer I get into Alpha. The rest of the time I am in a funny state of mind! Glad you liked The Silve Method and Alpha level!

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  2. Thanks for the reminder. There are some videos on youtube that have different waves to help the brain achieve different states. I will say though proceed with caution. I’m still learning about it all, but my experience was to not go back and forth with them too much. Meaning that using alpha and then gamma on the same day may be a bit much. I’d be happy to hear any insights you have.

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  3. Great post! I can’t wait to read the book! Thanks for sharing.

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