What Do You Want From Your Health?

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Your relationship with your physician is probably one of the most important in your life.  You go to his or her office on either a yearly, or perhaps a quarterly basis for well visits or when you have a problem. However, how often do you engage them in a conversation about your health?

What Do You Want From Your Health?

Many patients I see either come in to have their blood pressure checked or some laboratory tests done. If they ask a question, it is usually specific to a particular issue or condition, like hypertension.

I don’t encounter many people who ask me a question like “How can I improve my health?”.

I believe that many people equate their health with the control or optimization of a certain sign, like blood pressure.

Blood pressure is much like the information you see on the dashboard of your car. When the gauges are on red, there is obviously an issue in the engine that needs to be addressed. When you take your car to the mechanic, he (or she) looks under the hood for the problem and solves it.

In medicine sometimes we simply give a medication for the high blood pressure (or high blood sugar for that matter), and the physician may not always look at the issues contributing to that rise in blood pressure or other sign. We’ve become comfortable with the notion that if the blood pressure is controlled, you are doing well.

However, health is NOT just lowering a number on a blood test or any other physiological or biochemical sign. Therefore when the signs are not optimal, and you’re not feeling your best, ask yourself: “What can I do to deal with the root cause of this problem?”

What Do You Want From Your Health?

Speaking from personal experience, my energy levels were not the best and I did not like the way I felt or looked.

I therefore sought answers and decided to make some changes. I cut out carbohydrates, made vegetables a staple, begun eating foods without artificial ingredients and exercising on a regular basis.

These changes made a huge and positive difference in my life which included losing about 20 pounds in approximately 1 year.

I challenge you to really ask yourself what you want out of your health. It is more energy, connection or love and peace. It may take some deep thought to arrive at your authentic answers and I suggest you ask this during meditation, when you’re in a state of calm and listening to your body.

Combine this with engaging your physician. Don’t just look at your appointments as a “blood pressure check”. Again, blood pressure is simply a SIGN of your physical health. ASK your physician what you can do to reduce stress levels, improve your diet and overall well-being.

Ask them these questions empowers you and you become a partner in your health care, rather than just a receiver.



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