Top 3 Fat Burning Vegetables

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Fat burning vegetables are a very important component of a Holistic Weight Loss Plan since they reduce fat stores as they nourish your body with vitamins and minerals.


Spinach is a great fat burning vegetable because it contains calcium which has been shown to aid fat burning (1).

fat burning vegetables

Spinach is also a spectacular weight loss vegetable since it contains a good amount of filling fiber which reduces eating between meals.

1 cup of spinach also contains 1 gram of protein which contributes to its filling effects.

Spinach also contains compounds known as thylakoids which reduce cravings and enhance weight loss.

Since a cup of spinach contains a mere 7 calories, these leafy greens can be added to any weight loss diet plan.

Spinach has a low glycemic index (GI) of zero which means it does not make blood glucose levels rise after meals. This stabilization of blood sugar levels reduces the storage of sugars as fats. It also dampens food cravings since they are associated with blood sugar drops.

Spinach also provides vitamins A and C as well as minerals like iron, calcium and potassium. It also contains lutein which prevents blindness from macular degeneration.

To increase your intake, blend 1 cup of spinach with 1 banana, ½ cup of water and 2 cups of fat burning blueberries to make a healthy, hydrating mid-afternoon snack.

Brussels Sprouts

The fact that 1 cup of Brussels sprouts contains around 40 mg of calcium makes them great fat burning vegetables since this mineral boosts fat burning (1).

fat burning vegetables

A recent study also linked consuming cruciferous vegetables like Brussels sprouts with more weight loss than eating starchy vegetables like corn (2).

These weight loss benefits of Brussels sprouts are attributed to their high fiber content which causes feelings of satiety and reduces snacking.

The 3 grams of protein in each cup of Brussels sprouts also contributes to their filling effects.

The low GI of 15 of Brussels sprouts also contributes to making them good weight loss vegetables since it reduces the insulin surges that lead to fat storage.

1 cup of Brussels sprouts contains just 38 calories making them great ingredients for any low calorie diet plan.

Brussels sprouts are also great sources of vitamin C with 1 cup providing more than 100% of the recommended daily value. These cruciferous vegetables also contain vitamin B6, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and cancer preventing phytonutrients.

To increase your intake, season them with cayenne pepper and salt, toss them in a tiny bit of olive oil and roast them with onion rings for 40 minutes.


Cabbages are also classified as fat burning vegetables because 1 cup also contains almost 40 mg of calcium which helps the body burn fat (1).

fat burning vegetables

Cabbages are also grouped in the good weight loss vegetables category because each cup provides almost 2 grams of filling fiber which reduces snacking between meals.

In addition, they also contain some protein which adds to their satiating effects.

The low glycemic index of 10 ensures that the consumption of cabbages does not lead to fat storage.

Since I cup of cabbage contains just 20 calories and since they can be eaten raw or cooked, cabbages are a great staple for any weight loss diet.

Cabbages also contain vitamins C, B6, calcium, magnesium and a little iron.

To increase your intake, mix 1 cup of shredded cabbage with shredded carrots and season them with lemon juice and weight loss spices like ginger and cayenne pepper. Consume them raw, steamed, sauteed or stir-fried.

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