Top 3 Mental Weight Loss Tips

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Mental weight loss tips are an important tenet of any weight loss program because the mind is just as important as the body in losing weight and keeping it off.

Think Yourself Thin

A study published in the Journal of Obesity found that persons who had a normal weight but perceived themselves as being fat were more likely to become overweight. Researchers found that almost 6 out of 10 participants who thought themselves as being fat even though they were not fat, became overweight within a span of 10 years (1).

These findings can be attributed to the fact that we tend feel and behave in line with how we think about ourselves. Therefore, use the reverse findings of this study to think yourself thin.

mental weight loss tips

To do this, make a vision board by cutting out magazine pictures of persons with your ideal weight and paste them on a board with your face.

Ensure that you look at those inspirational images every day to remind yourself of your weight loss goal.

Make your visualization more real by imaging how you will feel when you are at your ideal weight and seeing yourself do the things you plan on doing once you reach that weight.

Consistently visualizing yourself at your target body weight will not only keep you motivated, it will also help you resist temptations like indulging in calorie laden desserts.

Get Social Support

A study published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology found that having an exercise buddy helped persons achieve their weight loss goals. This was more so if the buddy was also trying to lose weight.

mental weight loss tips

These findings are attributed to the fact that a weight loss buddy tends to keep some one weight loss journey more accountable and honest. They are also able to offer advice and encouragement.

Therefore identify a family member, friend or workmate who would also like to lose weight. Sit down with them and create a weight loss plan that includes regular exercises dates and if possible, cooking dates.

If you cannot find an offline workout buddy, join a weight loss forum or a Facebook weight loss group and get an online buddy with whom you can share accountability emails.

Plan Your Days

The old adage that states “If you fail to plan you plan to fail” is just as true for losing weight as it is for many other things in life. Therefore plan your days, weeks and months until you attain your weight loss goal.

To do this, begin by blocking out the time you will spend exercising. Make this a non-negotiable commitment to ensure you meet your exercise goals.

mental weight loss tips

The second thing you should do is to plan your meals by calculating the calories you will consume at each meal. Doing this will remove the deprivation aspect since you get to choose how you take in the calories allotted for each meal.

In addition, schedule time each week to shop or cook your food in advance to ensure you always know what you will eat. Having your meals planned and prepared will help prevent impulse eating of calorie dense foods.

Extend your meal planing to cater for the days when you have been invited to parties by deciding what you will eat in the preceding days so that you can indulge a little at the party. If you travel a lot, plan by packing dried fruits and meal replacement bars so that you are not forced to each junk on the road.

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