Cracking the Code: Spirit


Spirit is an often overlooked part of health since many physicians do not talk to their patients about it. However, it is an essential component for having balance and power.

What Do I Mean by Spirit?

Spirit is the energy that powers your life.

cracking the code spirit

This energy gives your life meaning and makes you feel fulfilled and happy. 

Our daily occupation and professions should also be meaningful and give us a sense of joy because without this meaning, our health suffers. 

I enjoy being a physician but I wanted to be a force to transform my patients’ lives and not simply hand them prescriptions.

My search for answers on how to meaningfully help patients in my own profession led me to begin writing about integrative medicine.

Being able to give others a way of improving their health using many different and interesting ways has given my spirit a whole new boost. I therefore believe that finding your own spirit is an essential key to living a healthy life.

Mending a Broken Spirit

Some people have a broken spirit. This can be caused by their inability to connect with other people or because they are unhappy with their work. Regardless of the cause, if your spirit is wounded you can mend it by following these simple steps:

Be AWARE of Your “Inner Voice”

Awareness of our “inner voice” is something we tend to lose.

This “inner voice” is the force that points your “compass” in a direction that is consistent with your values and your place is in this world.

For instance if a particular situation is not right, your “inner voice” or instinct will help you to realize this and you will sense that something is wrong right way.


I have learned to get in touch with my “inner voice” by meditating. In fact, I think meditation is the ONLY place where we can get in touch with our power.

Here’s a simple method you can try for at least 5-10 min:

cracking the code spirit

1. Sit upright in a comfortable chair

2. Close your eyes

3. Fold your hands and rest them on your stomach

4. Breathe in and out gently

5. Imagine being still and letting thoughts flow in and out of your mind

6. Picture yourself in your your favorite place and imagine yourself doing your favorite thing

You can use the “Be Set Free Fast” technique to train your subconscious to remove negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Visit to get the book authored by Joan Sotkin and Larry Nims

Rekindle Childhood Interests

I have also found that looking back at the interests you had when you were to growing up or in school is a good way of reconnecting with your spirit.

cracking the code spirit

What were you interested in?

Art? Inventions? Puzzles?

Answer this question as it will provide you with the clues that will help you get back your spirit and release your creativity.

This will then unleash your POWER. Once you are aware of your power, you can then take the necessary steps to truly be healthy.

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8 thoughts on “Cracking the Code: Spirit

  1. I am very excited about integrated medicine because for the longest time I have desired the healthy union of western, eastern and holistic medicine…the “whole body – mind, body and spirit” approach to dealing with what ails the body. What I’ve learned and experienced with Quantum Touch/Energy healing work is that once we deal with what is ailing a person emotionally, a clearing/space is made for the body to heal. Time and time again this has been my experience with people I’ve worked with and it’s powerful to see what happens to someone after they release huge emotional baggage….complete transformation can begin. This experience a catalyst to free them from personal bondage….true empowerment! Enjoyed this post and your great suggestions – many of which I have “integrated” into my personal survival toolkit and am always recommending to others! Reblogging!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Too many today rely on “science” over “spirit”. We’ve been living in a medication generation for decades now. The best healers treat mind. body, AND spirit, three components of the whole.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We are the most creative in our childhood. Thank you for the reminder to those who forget.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A healthy spirit goes hand in hand with our emotional,mental and physical well being! Thank you for the tips!!

    Liked by 1 person

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